Opening The World Is A Travel And Community Service Program For At Risk Young Adults.

Opening The World was started in 2012 by its founder Jeannine Curley, MFT, with the support of a group of professionals that work with at risk youth in Marin County.

In 2013 the group led its first and very successful trip to Nepal. The group volunteered at the Manang Nepali Children’s Organization, an orphanage for girls in Kathmandu, and at Wolfgang Link Kindergarten in Chitwan.

During the summer of 2014, Opening The World will travel with 10 young adults to New Orleans to work with Project Homecoming, to help rebuild communities that continue to be affected by Hurricane Katrina. 


Empower and expose at risk young adults to experience a world outside of their own through volunteer and cultural experiences in their community and abroad. 


Organize and support a yearly trip in the United States or abroad for at risk young adults who have experienced significant challenges in their lives. These challenges include tremendous adversity such as poverty, educational challenges, substance abuse and or lack of family support.

Provide participants with education about places that are visited including history, cultural background and language. Invite guest speakers to provide direct information about safety, culture, customs.

Promote social and community consciousness by incorporating monthly volunteer work within the Bay Area. Portion of each trip will focus on volunteering within the communities we visit.

Opening The World Participant, Age 22

"Both of my parents have drug problems. My mother has schizophrenia and over the years my father has struggled with mental illness and homelessness. I have been on my own from a young age and learned that failure will not destroy me but giving up will. Nepal was a life-changing experience, it opened my eyes, mind and heart not only to believe that it was possible for me to get there but that I could impact other people's lives as well."

Please visit our Blog section and watch the first video to learn more of how Opening The World changes lives.  

2014 Trip Organizers and Leaders:

Angela Arenas

Teresa Ashby

Michele Boyer

Jeannine Curley

Floyd Jackson

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